Ambassador Program

Established in 2020, the goal at Anthem Workwear was to provide the most versatile performance and active orientated workwear product on the market. We are driven to provide our Anthem customers the ultimate and most reliable products, ensuring everything we build performs not only on the worksite but also compliments your everyday life. With a modern streetwear design to keep you looking good even when you’re off the tools.

We understand for the people in our industry that being apart of a community is at the core of what it means to be a tradie. It's the workmates within our communities that helps motivate and inspire each other to improve each day both physically and mentally. 


Physical wellbeing, Anthem Sessions


We're committed to launching Anthem Sessions. This will be a chance to get off the tools and invest in your physical well-being. Classes designed to motivate, inspire, and help give you the tools to better look after yourself.

Mental wellbeing, Anthem Sessions


Everything we project and communicate on our channels is designed to either inspire, uplift, and support the Tradie community. With consideration around providing tips to help improve mindfulness, and support your teams well-being.


We're focused on using Anthem Workwear to inspire a cultural shift, to help motivate and improve the everyday lives of tradies. We want to support the community in anyway we can, that's why we're committing part of our profits towards these Anthem Sessions.


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